Top Unsigned 2017 Recruits: Who’s still on the board?

The latest seven foot domino to fall in this year’s recruiting class was Brandon McCoy, who chose UNLV. Time for prospects is running low to choose a new home for at least a year, and there is still some serious talent left.

1. Mohammed Bamba
Bamba is the best player left on the market. He is 6’11” and has all the tools to lead a team. He as an inside game, an outside game, and elite defense to go with it. Bamba’s best friend Hamidou Diallo has been recruiting him to come to Kentucky, but he has offers from Texas, Duke, Arizona, and Michigan. If I were a betting man, I’d say Calipari lands him.

2. Trevon Duval
Duval will be the best freshman point guard in the NCAA next year, it’s just a matter of where. It seems his final two teams came down to Kansas and Duke, but Kansas has currently filled all of their scholarships, which more than likely means Duval is out. This means Duke is the overwhelming front-runner. He has a great shot from outside and is mature enough to take contact to get to the line. Duke should be stacked once again next year.

3. Kevin Knox
Knox has been intriguing to watch so far. It seemed he was leaning toward choosing Mizzou after blowing up his Instagram during his visit, taking pictures with the uniform on, etc. He would have joined top prospect Michael Porter Jr. and it seems they are really close when they played at the McDonald’s All American game. Now, sources say he is out of Mizzou and looking elsewhere, probably due to him most likely not being a one-and-done player. Other players include Duke, Kentucky, and North Carolina.


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