Why UConn’s dominance is good for women’s basketball

Women’s basketball is in the back of everyone’s mind for most, if not the entire year. Some may have never seen a game in their life, or are more drawn to the incredible dunks and flash the men’s side offers. But every restaurant and bar had the UConn Mississippi State game on Saturday night, and it was really really cool.

Geno’s squad was riding on 111 straight wins, and unless you live under a rock, you know the Huskies blow out basically every team that comes their way. The betting odds were absolutely ridiculous too. To win $100, you had to put down $7,000. Yup, seven thousand big ones.

Normal fans think UConn isn’t good for the game. Who wants to see 10 All-Americans win 111 games in a row? But we’re talking about it. All major sports stations and websites have an actual reason to talk about it, and people actually care.

Put any other team in that Final Four game. Say it was Mississippi State versus Clemson. No one is watching it. It’s not on ESPN. Bars are not filling up and going crazy after a game winner. Villins attract eyes. And for the majority of people begging for someone to take down UConn, they won. They’re reading about the game, and they will have a better view on women’s college basketball.

So thank you Geno, for building this great dynasty and forcing people to care about women’s sports. Sure we all love watching the Duke men, or Kentucky’s 5-star recruit starting lineup, but women’s basketball is pure. It’s fundamental. And it deserves more respect.

Geno is a great coach and a role model for all coaches (looking at you Zach Collins). Just look at what he said after the game. “Look, nobody’s won more than we’ve won,” he told reporters after the game. “I understand losing, believe it or not. We haven’t lost in a while, but I understand it. I know how to appreciate when other people win.”

Keep talking about UConn, and make an effort to follow women’s sports. They give just as much effort as the men and deserve so much credit. Check out college softball, it is personally my favorite women’s sport to watch and has so much emotion, especially with the great teams.


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