South Carolina’s Sindarius Thornwell is no joke

Who had South Carolina as the last SEC team in the tournament? Nobody? Well actually, 0.6% of brackets had the Gamecocks in the Final Four, and that may only be the students and alumni down in Columbia.

Sindarius Thornwell // AP

But just like any Cinderella team, there’s a star. And he goes by the name of Sindarius Thornwell. He’s been great all season, and now that he’s is on the big stage, everyone is falling in love.

He gives you all the grit and toughness you need out of a player, but is so efficient, he can lead a team in points, boards, and fill up the stat sheet. He can also go off for 40+, like he did against Alabama.

The kid is averaging 21 points, 7 and 3, and most people didn’t know who he was, when in reality, he actually won SEC player of the year. He was the player that should have swayed you when you were picking your upsets.

As for the nexxt step, Thornwell could take the same path as another Cinderella story hero, Gordon Hayward. Both players’ draft stocks shot up, and both are big, versatile shooters.

On DraftExpress, writers questioned Thornwell’s explosiveness and speed against longer defenders, saying he will have trouble against longer defenders on Baylor, then Florida. Each game he has showed out and is playing his heart out in front of NBA scouts.

You should be rooting for Thornwell. He’s a senior, he had the chance to transfer to a better team and he stayed, and he’s a well-spoken, nice kid. Go Gamecocks.

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