Tweets of the tournament: The first two rounds

It’s 2017, and most viewers of any sporting event have their phone, tablet, or laptop right by their side crawling through the deep dark depths of Twitter, along with other social media sites. Whether it’s a meme or a hot take, Twitter can be as entertaining as any game, and the NCAA tournament doesn’t upset with giving content.

(FYI: There will be NO such thing as a Jordan meme in this post. They are simply overused and too easy. Plus, I already hit my Jordan meme quota for this blog, (1), and you can find that post here)

Here are… the tweets of the tournament (so far)


Alright, this takes some serious analysis. First of all, Peter Griffin got shafted. He may not be winning any father-of-the-year awards, but he is MUCH more funny than Randy Marsh, and Family Guy is the superior show.

Darth Vader was incorrectly seeded, he has one of the most iconic lines in movie history.

God vs. Joseph of Nazareth … interesting decision to include this matchup.

LaVar Ball slander? A dad who believes in his kids and does everything he can to help them succeed? Questionable. Yeah, he spews dumb takes and is embarrassing his family, but I’d rather have a dad believe that I can actually be better than Steph Curry.

Final thought: If Danny Tanner doesn’t win, I will unfollow every Barstool related account. Hands down the best dad in history. Hugs for all.

Classic Duke shaming. Wouldn’t be March without it. In fairness, Luke Kennard is actually a really nice kid, and his story at Duke is admirable, but this may be an actual quote.


Woah woah woah, who has the freaking time to make a twitter for their dog. Why would a dog fill out a bracket? Did she have Gonzaga winning? Maybe Butler? I bet Izzy the Basset Hound is glad Villanova was knocked out.


Double Duke shaming!! I genuinely feel bad for this kid. I want to care about something this much, and props to him for caring that much about Northwestern basketball.

Also, isn’t it pretty ironic how the moment we remember most about this game featuring Northwestern (one of the most prestigious journalism schools in America) is a crying fan?


This was basically me after not having access to internet during the second day of the tournament. What is worse though? Slowly seeing your teams fail to beat a team you’ve never heard of? Or checking your phone at midnight and seeing all of the red X’s next to your picks? Kind of like the band-aid argument.


I never really got this meme, mostly because I never knew the origin. But it’s still funny for all of you slackers who forgot to fill out a bracket.


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