Michael Jordan delivers a speech to remember

Michael, Michael, Michael. As if the Jordan face wasn’t enough for the internet world to make fun of one of the most iconic athletes in human history. MJ added another gem of a meme to his legacy, and it has caused a stir in the college basketball community, and has spread to the deep, dark depths of “sports Twitter” and Reddit.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, heres the video. It’s pure gold. (Go to 1:57 to hear the line of you don’t want to listen to the entire speech.)

The ceiling is the roof. Inspiring. Goosebumps. Chalk that right up next to Herb Brooks from Team USA and the “Our Deepest Fear” speech from Coach Carter.

Am I being too hard on the guy? I mean, he only won 6 championships and made Kwame Brown cry. The answer is no, the guy is the best basketball player to ever live. Seriously, simply think about what you’re going to say before blurting it out. Be better.

Here’s how the internet reacted:



We all love you MJ, no matter how much time people waste making memes of you, we will always remember the glory days. Now, we thank you for entertaining us while we mindlessly scroll through Twitter.


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